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The Dance of The Egtved Girl
An exiting and dramatic lecture
by Anni Brøgger
Who was The Egtved Girl? Was her string skirt a ritual dance skirt and not as earlier presumed an everyday skirt? Did we in the Danish Bronze Age have ceremonies to worship the sun along with fertility rites?
The lecture is mainly based on well established knowledge about The Egtved Girl and the Bronze Age; but it is also based on a peculiar dream, which strangely became rea-lity and has led to a new way of thinking about The Egtved Girl.
The lecture closes with The Egtved Girl wearing a precise copy of the clothes and she dances her ritual sun honoring dance and fertility dance, in a way she might have done it 3000 years ago.  
The National Museum and The Egtved Museum have been very positive with regards to this new way of thinking about The Egtved Girl and now support the theory about the famous string skirt actually being a dance skirt.
Flemming Kaul, the Bronze Age expert and the inspector of The National Museum, has shown his approval. He has accepted the theory and says: “Because of this dream we must revise our thinking about The Egtved Girl”.
Television news, radio and several newspapers have shown a great deal of interest in these new theories about The Egtved Girl.
The lecture and/or the dance has now been shown at The National Museum, The Egtved Museum, The Moesgaard Museum, The Prehistoric Park Hvolris, The Museum of Silkeborg, The Experiment Center of Lejre, The Museum of Skjern Egvad, along with a series of evening classes, associations in Jutland, folk high schools in England and Germany. The dance have also been performed in front of The Queen Margrethe of Denmark, Prince Henrik of Denmark and the minister of cultural affairs. Meet  “The Egtved Girl” live.

Book and DVD:
A story about a dream becoming reality
“I had a dream about you Egtved Girl. You woke up from your 3000 years of beauty sleep and you danced for me a ceremonial and beautiful sun worshipping fertility dance. Your string skirt at once concealing and enticing, swayed smoothly over your dancing hips.
Your symbolic sun belt buckle shined on your stomach as if your fertility circle-movements were connected to the life existent circles of the universe itself. In your hand you carried a yarrov.”
In honour of you and with the greatest respect this dance is delicated you, Egtved Girl.”
This is the story of how a strange and wonderful dream, through a number of droll circumstances, revolutionised our conception of “The Egtved Girl.”

Flemming Kaul, inspector of The National Museum writes:
“The book The Dance of  The Egtved Girl is a mixture of Science and Art. It blends expeimental archeology with scientific journalism giving new perspectives for our knowledge of the Nordic Bronze Age and its rich culture.”  

Kirsten Rykind – Eriksen, inspector of  The Egtved Museum writes:
“The book is exiting and well written. The reader will be entranced by Anni Brøgger’s research and the hard work she put into making her theoretical assumptions, that The Egtved Girl was actually a religious dancer, a living reality. At the same time the investigations have a scientific value, leading both readers and professional historians/ anthropologists deeper into Anni Brøgger’s assumptions.”
Book and DVD
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